Intelligent video marketing

Amazing Results!

Deliver video in email in most of your list.

Awesome Stats!

Track video plays and click-throughs to your site.

Take control


Send all of your campaigns as normal – from your trusted ESP (email marketing software).


smart-video will automate the video delivery. There is no integration required.


More recipients can see and engage with your content, increase video views, sales, and post-click interactions are the results.



Responsive Design

Preview and send live working video email messages right to your inbox.

Quickly deploy video in email across your entire mailing list in minutes, with functioning media content.

We are on call to provide reliable assistance and our friendly staff will answer your quieries as efficiently as possible.

Use your own look n feel or let the smart-video in house designers create slick HTML5 templates for your newletter/emails and ensure the layout will loook great in all sizes of browsers to fit all screens.

Video in email examples


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