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Embeded video with 'real-time' elements and custom responsive email templates.

Media Buying

Youtube 'True View', video display, mobile and social advertising placement.


Brand channel management and optimization (YouTube Certified Team Members).

Video Commerce

'Shop-able' and product video embeds driving sales.


Custom interactive HTML5 players, video-sites and paywalls (Pay Per View - Subscription).



Multi-Channels To Market

Embed video and real-time elements in email campaigns with your existing ESP. Include Countdown Timers, Live Images, Live Maps, Webscrapes, Social Feeds - customized, personalized and targeted at the point of open by location, device, language, weather, timezone and more.

Grow audiences, drive business and build loyalty with an optimized branded channel on YouTube, with strategies based on industry leading data. Videos optimized for Youtube and Google search, with management of uploads and channel activity, programmed playlists, tent-pole events, engaging influencers and in-depth analytics reporting by YouTube Certified experts.

Purchase high impact, targeted, cost effective, results driven video media across YouTube, Social, Ad Networks and Mobile. Maximize 'True-View' placement using state of industry data and deliver pay per view campaigns that convert.

Branded and responsive video players for distribution across all devices with optional brand-customized video pages onsite with member databases, playlists and monetization via pay-per-view and subscription paywalls.

E-commerce video players that are 'shop-able' and instantly drive sales and revenue. Utilize a simple iOS app to create product videos in minutes, publish in HD and distribute instantly to product pages, mobiles, social media and YouTube. Shoppers will purchase products from within the video - automatically adding the items to shopping carts - ready for check out.


Ingenius solutions


Enlist a team of artists, producers, directors, writers and technologists to harness the power of storytelling and innovation with your brand in video. Choose professional video production that engages, drives social activity and delivers measurable results.


Discover and learn the best practices for YouTube and video marketing tactics. Maximize professional development for in-house teams via online seminars without the expense by of traveling, while networking with professional peers across the marketing industry.


Based on up to the moment in-depth data that shows how brands are succeeding with video, build brand strategies for target demographics with digital brand planners, publishing & editorial experts, tech & platform consultancy brains.

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